Papers: IOE Graduate Conference - 2017

Name of Publication: Proceedings of IOE Graduate Conference

Volume: 5      Year: 2017
ISSN: 2350-8914 (Online), 2350-8906 (Print)

Papers from Oral Presentations

  1. Analysis of Open Circular Reinforced Concrete Shell Roof with Curved Edge Simply Supported
    • Abhishek Adhikari, Hikmat Raj Joshi
  2. Difference Between User Experience in Implementation of Redirected Walking in Referenced Environment and Unreferenced Environment
    • Ashu Adhikari, Sujal Dhungana, Shashidhar Ram Joshi
  3. Impact of Renewable Energy Subsidy Policy in Rural Electrification
    • Madhusudhan Adhikari, Bharat Raj Pahari, Rajendra Shrestha
  4. Performance Analysis of Solar PV System of Teaching Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal
    • Ashok Aryal, Nawraj Bhattarai
  5. Improved Salient Object Extraction using Structured Matrix Decomposition and Contour Based Spatial Prior
    • Ramesh Bhandari, Sharad Kumar Ghimire
  6. Effect of Column-to-Beam Moment Capacity Ratio on Seismic Performance of Reinforced Concrete Moment Resisting Frames
    • Sujan Bhandari, Hari Darshan Shrestha
  7. Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management along the Highways of Nepal
    • Shubhechchha Bhatta, Narendra Man Shakya, Udo Nehren
  8. A Tri-channel Active Electrode EEG Device for Classification of Motor Imagery Brainwaves
    • Saroj Bista, Nanda Bikram Adhikari
  9. Mathematical Modeling for the Design of Francis Runner
    • Indra Bahadur Biswakarma, Rajendra Shrestha
  10. A Study of Effect of Filler Contents and Filler Types in Marshall Stability and Flow Value in Asphalt Concrete
    • Niraj Bohara, Prof. Gautam Bir Sing Tamrakar
  11. Performance Evaluation of Hydro Power Plants of Nepal Greater Than 10 MW Using Data Envelopment Analysis
    • Sapana Bohara, Rajendra Shrestha
  12. Energy Recovery Potential from Spent Grains in Breweries of Nepal
    • Jainendra Chaudhary, Nawraj Bhattarai
  13. Implementation of Decision Engineering Tool on International Destination Selection in Aviation: A Case of Nepal Airlines Corporation
    • Krishna Prasad Gaihre, Shree Raj Shakya
  14. Effect of Grounding Resistance and Lightning Arrester Non-linear Characteristics in Electrical Distribution System
    • Mukesh Gautam, Arbind Kumar Mishra
  15. Energy Demand and Emissions Mitigation Potential of Mass Transportation Vehicle: A Case Study of Ring Road Kathmandu Valley
    • Prativa Gautam, Nawraj Bhattarai, Iswor Bajracharya
  16. Infinite Server Queueing Model with State Dependent Arrival and Service Rates
    • Sushil Ghimire, Gyan Bahadur Thapa, Ram Prasad Ghimire
  17. Analysis of Nepal's Long Term Electricity Demand Using End Use Methodology
    • Manjana Ghimire, Nawraj Bhattara
  18. Concept of Urban Renewal and Its Suitability to Kathmandu
    • Subid Ghimire
  19. Urge of New Town: Energy Resilient Urban Morphology
    • Akansha Gupta, Sangeeta Singh
  20. Comparative Study of Gravel and Anthracite as Media in Up flow Filter
    • Ravi Chandra Joshi, Iswar Man Amatya
  21. Reinforcement of Soil Using Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Bottle Strips
    • Rashik Karmacharya, Indra Prasad Acharya
  22. A study on the Practice of Implementation of Quality Assurance Plan in Nepal: A case study in Department of Roads
    • Sanjay Kasula, Gautam Bir Sing Tamrakar, Vishnu Prashad Shrestha
  23. Effect of Pulse Charging in Lead acid Batteries Used in Electric Vehicles of Nepal
    • Ram Raj Khanal, Rajesh Kaji Kayestha
  24. Stability Analysis of Cut-slope: A case study of Kathmandu-Nijghad Fast track
    • Gopal Kharel,Indra Prasad Acharya
  25. Design, CFD Analysis,Fabrication, Testing and Efficiency Evaluation of Low Head Pico-Propeller turbine Without Guide Vanes
    • Manish koirala, Bipin Tiwari, Mukunda Khanal, Pradip pathak , Rajkumar Chaulagain
  26. Seismic Vulnerability and Earthquake Losses of RC Frame Buildings of Kathmandu City Core
    • Sudeep Lamsal, Prem Nath Maskey
  27. Object Detection in Images using Region Based CNN
    • Deepesh Lekhak, Basanta Joshi, Sushma Shrestha
  28. Indoor Odometry and Point Cloud Mapping
    • Prabhat Sanu Ligal, Bikram Acharya, Pradeep Bajracharya, Prasun Shrestha, Pratik Pokharel, Sharad Kumar Ghimire
  29. Effect of Aggregate Gradation Variation on the Marshall Mix Properties of Asphalt Concrete
    • Rajendra Maharjan, Gautam Bir Sing Tamrakar
  30. Optimal PV Inverter Reactive Power Control and Real Power Curtailment to Improve the Performance of Low Voltage Distribution System
    • Sunil Kuamr Mahto, Netra Prasad Gyawali
  31. Free Vibration Analysis of Selected Pelton Turbine using Dynamic Approach
    • Laxman Motra, Mahesh Chandra Luintel
  32. Earth as Building Material for Sustainable Development: Case from Jhong, Mustang
    • R.M. Pandey, Sudarshan Raj Tiwari, Sushil B. Bajracharya
  33. Effect of Location of Opening on the Infilled Reinforced Concrete Frame
    • Umesh Patel, Bharat Mandal
  34. Ontology based Job-Candidate Matching using Skill Sets
    • Subhash Paudel, Aman Shakya
  35. Analysis and Optimization of Magnetic Resonant Wireless Power Transfer System
    • Ashutosh Timilsina, Beni Nepali, Binay Paudyal, Jenesha Kunwar, Arbind Kumar Mishra, Sharad Kumar Ghimire
  36. Assessment to Identify the Techno-economic and Sustainable Hybrid Energy Model for Remote Area of Nepal
    • Narayan Prasad Poudel, Shree Raj Shakya
  37. Design, Fabrication and Testing of Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant
    • Ajay Jayswal, Arbind Kumar Sah, Prabin Pradhananga, Rohit Sah, Hari Bahadur Darlami
  38. Driving factors of Energy consumption in Transport Sector
    • Anita Prajapati, Tri Ratna Bajracharya, Nawraj Bhattarai
  39. Study of Rainfall Thresholds for Landslide in Soil Slopes Based on Numerical Modeling
    • Sapath Rajbhandari, Indra Prasad Acharya, Ranjan Kumar Dahal
  40. Performance Evaluation of Micro-hydro projects in Nepal using multi criteria decision analysis(MCDA
    • Ramesh Ranabhat, Laxman Poudel, Shree Raj Shakya
  41. Design, Fabrication and Testing of Hydraulic Ram Pump with Water Recirculation System
    • Bibek Sapkota, Gopal Pandey, Utsav Kharel, Raj Kumar Chaulagain
  42. Using Logistic Regression to Estimate the Influence of Crash Factors on Road Crash Severity in Kathmandu Valley
    • Rajeeb Shakya, Anil Marsani
  43. A Strain-Based Fatigue Damage Model for Woven Fabric Composites
    • Sajan Shakya, Kamal Bahadur Thapa
  44. Comparative Study of Gaseous and Particulate Emissions from Traditional and Modified Charcoal Production Kilns
    • Dipak Sharma, Rudra Mani Ghimire
  45. A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of the Political Discourse on Nepalese Social Media
    • Mandar Sharma, Dinesh Baniya Kshatri
  46. A Novel Approach to Traffic Sign Localization and Recognition Based on Single Shot Multibox Detector
    • Sushma Shrestha, Sanjeeb Panday, Deepesh Lekhak
  47. A Housing Morphology: For the case of proposed Panchkhal Smart City
    • Anjana Shrestha, Sushil B. Bajracharya, Shree Raj Shakya
  48. Exploring Smart Rural Planning at Jhong, Mustang: A Step towards Sustainable Development
    • Niranjan Shrestha, Martina M. Keitsch, Sangeeta Singh
  49. Numerical Simulation of Masonry Walls Through Inclusion of Interface Elements
    • Pradhyumna Shrestha, Hari Ram Parajuli
  50. Sustainable Design and Thermal Comfort Strategy: Cases of Urban ``Affordable Housing" in Nepal
    • Pratiksha Shrestha, Sushil Bahadur Bajracharya
  51. Performance Improvement of a Signalized Intersection(A Case Study of New Baneshwor Intersection)
    • Sakar Shrestha, Anil Marsani
  52. Assessment of Building Envelope Materials for Sustainable Private House Reconstruction(A Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis for case of Dhoksan)
    • Parikshya Singh, Amrit Man Nakarmi, Sangeeta Singh
  53. Solar PV Pumping Technology for the development of Agriculture in Mustang, Nepal (A case study of Tiri, Kagbeni)
    • Sujita Thakali, Shree Raj Shakya
  54. Optimal Reactive Power Control for Distribution Network Loss Reduction
    • Roshani Thapa, Arvind Kumar Mishra
  55. Seismic response of RC frame building with soft first storey considering Soil Structure Interaction
    • Sajak Thapa
  56. Performance Evaluation of Francis Turbine using thermodynamics analysis: A Case Study of Kali Gandaki A Hydropower Plant-144 MW
    • Shiva Kumar Thapa, Laxman Poudel
  57. Passive solar approaches for New Town Development: A case at Baireni-Galchhi (400-500)
    • Prerana Tuladhar, Sudarshan Raj Tiwari, Sushil Bahadur Bajracharya
  58. Effectiveness of Bracing on RC Moment Resisting Frame Building
    • Rabindra Upreti, R. K. Mallik
  59. The relationship between Los Angeles Abrasion Value and Thickness of Base Course of different aggregate samples of Nepal
    • Sashank Uprety, Gautam Bir Singh Tamarakar
  60. Hazard Contamination Control Behavior Practice of Puff Industry: A Case Study of Puff Unit of Khajorico Pvt. Ltd. Chapagaun Lalitpur, Nepal
    • Sanjib Kumar Yadav, Rajesh Kaji Kayastha

Papers from Poster Presentations

  1. Trend Analysis of Technology News in Nepali Newspapers. A case study: The Kathmandu Post
    • Slesa Adhikari, Arun Kumar Timalsina
  2. Study on Grid Integrated Solar PV for Balaju Industrial District, Kathmandu, Nepal
    • Rajendra Prasad Bhattaa, Nawraj Bhattarai
  3. Estimation of Technical and Non-Technical Losses of an 11kV Industrial Feeder: A Case study in Kawasoti Distribution Centre
    • Trilochan Bhattarai, Shree Raj Shakya
  4. Reliability Evaluation of Gaighat Radial Distribution Feeder with Distributed Generation Impacts
    • Anil Kumar Chaudhary, Ajay Kumar Jha
  5. Energy Efficiency Improvement Potential of Dairy Development Corporation: Kathmandu Valley Milk Supply Scheme
    • Sudhir Bahadur Joshi, Laxman Poudel
  6. Seismic Performance of Long Span Open Spandrel Concrete Arch Bridge
    • Ashish Karki, Bharat Mandal, Bijaya Jaishi
  7. Dynamic Response of Pelton Turbine Unit for Forced Vibration
    • Sanjeev Karki, Mahesh Chandra Luintel, Laxman Poudel
  8. Design Strategies to Energy Efficient Building in Kathmandu Valley -A Case Study of CES-Zero Energy Building at Institute of Engineering
    • Sundar Lakhe, Bharat Raj Pahari,Shree Raj Shakya
  9. Design and Numerical Analysis of Solar underfloor Heating System : A Case Study of Resort in Nagarkot, Nepal
    • Sarika Kumari Mishra, Tri Ratna Bajracharya, Rabindra Nath Bhattarai
  10. Performance Evaluation of 18kW Solar Photovoltaic Baidi MicroGrid at Baidi, Tanahun, Nepal
    • Sanjaya Neupane, Ajay Kumar Jha
  11. Seismic Vulnerability of RC Frame Buildings non complying with MRT based on Slenderness Ratio and Plan Aspect Ratio
    • Bipul Poudel, Siddharth Shankar
  12. Socio-Economic Assessment of Solar Irrigation System in Saptari, Nepal
    • Bal Ram Raut, Amrit Man Nakarmi, Sangeeta Singh
  13. Grid Integration Studies of Captive and Cogeneration Plant in Sugar Industry: Case Study of Indushankar Sugar Industry Pvt. Ltd.
    • Sanjeev Ray, Ajay Kumar Jha
  14. Understanding Technology Adoption: A Case of ICS in Sindhupalchowk, Nepal
    • Sagar Regmi, Sushil B. Bajracharya, Martina M. Keitsch
  15. Vertical Acceleration in Network Tied Arch Bridge due to Moving Vehicle
    • Ravi Shah, Bharat Mandal, R. K. Mallik
  16. Analysis of Landslides and Slopes (Nepalthok–Khurkot section) using SVSLOPE model and Remediation using Soil Nail
    • Ojaswi Sharma, Indra Prasad Acharya
  17. Uprating of Existing Transmission Lines in Nepal Using High Capacity Conductors
    • Saroj Shrestha, Ajay Kumar Jha
  18. Experimental Performance Analysis of Solar Conduction Dryer (SCD) for Ginger drying
    • Tek Raj Subedi, Rabindra Nath Bhattarai
  19. Energy Integrated in Rural Reconstruction: A Case at Laprak, Dharche Rural Municipality-4, Gorkha
    • Rukesh Suwal, Sudarshan Raj Tiwari, Sangeeta Singh
  20. An Approach to Extract Features of Mammography Images for Early Detection of Breast Cancer
    • Ujjwal Thapa Magar, Dibakar Raj Pant
  21. Impact of Traffic Bottleneck on Urban Road: A Case Study of Maitighar-Tinkune Road Section
    • Amit Prasad Timalsena, Anil Marsani, Hemant Tiwari
  22. Performance analysis of a 100 kWp grid connected Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant in Kharipati, Bhaktapur, Nepal
    • Bhoj Raj Tiwari, Nawraj Bhattarai, Ajay Kumar Jha
  23. Framework to assess sustainability of micro-hydro projects in the Operation Phase
    • Sudiksha Uprety, Brijesh Mainali, Shree Raj Shakya,Ram Prasad Dhital